The Music of Paul Voudouris

Spheeris and Voudouris (Folk Pop)

Reviews for Spheeris and Voudouris

The music is a blend of folk, jazz, and rock but is unlike anything else being recorded today. While their roots are in artists like Elton John, Cat Stevens, and Joni Mitchell, they are not copy artists. They are as much imagists as musicians, combining poetry and mood to produce musical paintings… the musicianship is skilled and exacting, with the precision of dedicated professionals down the line.
Published in Blue River Cafe, Milwaukee, Tuesday 12th September 1978
...sensitive, ethereal blend of music.
Published in The Milwaukee Journal, Friday 8th December 1978

Track Listing

01 Indigo Blue

02 Toy Soldiers

03 Dancer

04 I'm Lazy Jehovah

05 Empty Spirits

06 Mystery Tide

07 Italian Lady

08 No Need For Me

09 Follow My Feet

10 Insanity's Waltz

11 Too Much To Leave

Temporary artwork for Spheeris and Voudouris by Paul Voudouris