The Music of Paul Voudouris

Threescore (Pop/Rock/Ambient)

55 minutes

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All Songs Written, Arranged, Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by Paul Voudouris Recorded at Hit Records, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Additional Recording (Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Hammer Dulcimer, Acoustic Piano on "Intermezzo", and Additional Vocals) recorded by Chris Spheeris at The Church, Sedona, U.S.A. Heartfelt love, thanks, and appreciation to the following artists who generously graced this work solely for friendship and the joy of creating music: To lifelong friend Chris Spheeris for sharing his talent and acute attention to detail with everything, including the numerous guitar parts, the sounds of the mixes, and suggestions for refining the lyrics. To my buddy Tim Gehrt for flying down amidst a super busy schedule to give me his enormous talent on the drums. We've been playing together for decades now, and I look forward to decades more! To my neighbor and pal Lorenzo Toppano for his massive talent, creativity with his trumpet parts, horn arrangements, tuning, and generosity of spirit. To Kim Powell for adding her lovely voice to the songs. Thank you, too! Roy Luna & Grupo La Klle, Xavier Olazabal, Rubén Olvera, Crístian Hernandez, Emilia Voudouris Cárdenas, Anabel Cárdenas Dugal, Richard and Donna Fishel, Emily Marshall, Francis Buckley, Olga Gouni, Leslie Lackey, Rick Garcia, Dinah Hornung, Jolanda Janczewski, Phyllis Piano, and the friends who contributed their voices for "In The Name of Beauty". Lyrics & Music: Paul Voudouris, ©2016, ASCAP* Published by Hopscotch Fever Music, ASCAP Layout & Design: Ernesto Ferrand Photograph: A mosaic of photos from childhood and 40+ years creating and performing music, one can zoom in and view the component photos in detail at my facebook page ( . *The lyrics for all the songs can be found on my artist page on Facebook. ℗Hit Records, 2016 (HD-0060)

Temporary artwork for Threescore by Paul Voudouris