The Music of Paul Voudouris

Primal Tech (New Wave)

Straying from their early folk-pop roots, and inspired by the likes of Eno, The Residents, and Tuxedo Moon, amongst many others, Paul and Chris Spheeris created a work of primal-tech music. They split up soon after!

Review for Primal Tech

Primal because it’s very basic and primitive, and tech because of the technology that they now depend upon...Spheeris and Voudouris now use a stage full of computers to synthesize and deploy their instruments to the point that, often, the sound you are hearing is not recognizable as anything from a keyboard or guitar...the Primal Tech style includes rhythms combined with rap style lyrics.
Published in Milwaukee Journal, Friday 9th October 1981

Track Listing

01 Speak to Me

02 The Prime Time

03 The innocent

04 The Missing Day

05 Momentum

06 Look Again

07 Primal Sequence

08 Simple Life

09 Personal Anthem

10 White Black

11 Chessboard

12 As I Stand Here Now

Temporary artwork for Primal Tech by Paul Voudouris