The Music of Paul Voudouris

Passage (Ambient/Meditation)

Recorded, arranged, and produced by Paul in collaboration with long-time friend Chris Spheeris, this album is the perfect ambient music for meditation. Three compositions take the listener through a variety of sonic textures aimed at putting one into a relaxed state.

Reviews for Passage

...radiating with soft, intangible textures and delicate tonal shadings...mesmerizing waves of calming synthesizer...a symphonic palette of tones that seems to vibrate right down to the cellular level...a visionary soundscape dream that space music lovers will rush to embrace.
Published in New Age Retailer, 1994
...sensual, romantic, relaxing, and breathtakingly beautiful.
Published in New Age Retailer, 1991

Track Listing

01 Prism

02 Mosaic

03 Passage

Temporary artwork for Passage by Paul Voudouris