The Music of Paul Voudouris

Enchantment (New Age)

This highly successful release is the fifth collaborative work of Paul Voudouris and Chris Spheeris. First recorded for Music West Records it then moved to Epiphany Records and, finally, to Essence Records and Hit Records. With sales figures greater than any other release by either artist, this album has gone platinum in Spain, and continues to delight audiences around the world.

Review for Enchantment

...sensual, romantic, relaxing, and breathtakingly beautiful.
Published in New Age Retailer, 1991

Track Listing

01 Enchantment

02 Through The Wall

03 Pura Vida

04 Golden Days

05 Love and Understanding

06 First Kiss

07 Across Frontiers

08 Many Heavens

09 The Mists of Poe

Temporary artwork for Enchantment by Paul Voudouris